Check out the promo for next weeks all new episode of “Scandal.” The team investigates Democratic Congresswoman Josie Marcus, while Olivia and Mellie have a surprising run-in during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Meanwhile, Jake and Huck get closer to the truth about Operation Remington, which could lead to devastating results, on ABC’s “Scandal,” Thursday, October 31st on ABC.

Let it be known that Scott Foley is a man of many words and very few teases. And for good reason.

The Scandal star, who plays former B613 assassin and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) suitor Jake Ballard, loves his job and his show. A lot. Which means he wants to keep said job, but he also wants the audience to be completely surprised when they sit in front of the TV tonight, with a glass of red wine on the coffee table and a handful of popcorn. “You want to enjoy your Thursday, you want sit down and watch the show and have a great time doing so,” he tells us. “But if you know what’s going to happen beforehand, it just sort of ruins the experience, which is why I’m not going to tell you anything. Absolutely nothing.”

Well played, Mr. Foley. Well played. Of course, we are professionals and were able to wrangle some juicy teases out of him about tonight’s episode, including Jake’s “odd” new partnership with Huck (Giullermo Diaz), whether or not he’ll face off with B613 head of command and Liv’s father Rowan (Joe Morton) and why he and Liv won’t be playing “house” much longer…

Out of the hole and free of facial hair once again, Jake has two goals in mind at the moment: Taking out B613 and being with Olivia, in that order.

“Both are very important to him, but I think he knows that the sooner he gets revenge on B613, the sooner he takes out Command, which unfortunately is Olivia’s father, the sooner he’s going to be able to sit down and have that glass of wine with Olivia and not have to look over his shoulder.”

Too bad Olivia isn’t exactly OK with goal numero uno: “There’s a real struggle between him and Olivia as to him sort of saying, ‘I need to take out B613,’ and her saying, ‘I just can’t do it, I can’t be a part of it, I can’t have anything to do with it, and that includes you.’ And there’s a possibility that Jake might not be staying at Olivia’s apartment anymore.” (Foley is more than OK moving back into Jake’s apartment, which he calls “f–king dope. “Anytime anyone comes into it for the first time they’re like, “Oh my God!’ he says. “Like I’ve thought about leaving my wife and moving onto that set. It’s amazing.”)

Though Olivia won’t team up with Jake, he will find a partner in former B613 agent Huck as Foley reveals the men will “strike up an odd partnership with the same agenda” of “freeing themselves.”

While fans got to see Huck come face-to-face with Rowan for the first time since learning the truth about his B613 involvement and ties to Olivia, Foley says, “You will not see Jake come face-to-face with Rowan, but there will be another Rowan showdown, another face-to-face Rowan showdown, with someone who you don’t expect.”

So just how mindblowing will the Operation Remington reveal be? “From Defiance to who killed Verna, I think this is as big or bigger a mystery, and the sort of ball of twine that unravels and what we find at the end is amazing,” Foley previews. “I think it’s going to be the ‘Dad’ moment of the first thirteen episodes of this season.

“We’re going to learn a lot more about Operation Remington and not just Jake’s involvement in it, but how it relates to Rowan and to Fitz, and ultimately to Olivia,” he continues. “It’s a big mess of this tangled web that they have woven over there. It’s so good. It’s going to blow your mind.”

Scandal airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Check back with us tomorrow for some juicy Scandal love triangle scoop from Mr. Foley!

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Jake is out of his hole on “Scandal” on ABC, and this means big things are coming for Olivia and Fitz. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, TV Line shared the latest comments made by Scott Foley about his return to the series. He appeared during the final moments of last week’s episode.

What will be his main focus now that he is out of the hole and back with Olivia? Well, he wants Olivia back of course. These two had just started a steamy romance last season when his true reason for his entrance into her life was revealed. Jake will play a major part of this season’s drama. His relationship with Fitz will be a part of this season’s big story. This pair has their own secrets.

As for Olivia, Jake will want to rekindle the romance the two of them had started, but she still has Fitz issues as well. Scott Foley teased the following to TV Line:

“[Olivia] is sort of Goal No. 1 for him right now — or Goal No. 2, aside from figuring out B613. In his eyes, repairing and restoring the relationship with Olivia is a huge priority.”

Foley was elevated to a regular cast member at the end of season two, so fans should expect to see a lot more of him this season. “Scandal” will continue to air on Thursday nights.

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“Felicity” may be 15 years old, but the show is still near and dear to many people’s hearts. Why are we still talking about that curly-haired co-ed who traveled to New York for school?

Scott Foley — known an Noel to “Felicity” fans — said it’s because the voices of “Felicity.”

“It captured the zeitgeist in way that I think spoke to a lot of people,” Foley told HuffPost TV at a recent “Scandal” event in New York. ” It was J.J. Abrams’ first television show. He and his partner Matt Reeves had a wonderful way of telling stories in this other girl, Keri Russell, who you just wanted to look at and want to be around the same way you do with [“Scandal” star] Kerry Washington.

“And then it also had Scott Speedman,” he said. “Who doesn’t like Scott Speedman?”

The WB series ran for four seasons between 1998-2002 and helped launch the careers of Foley, Russell and Speedman.

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Flashback: September 2013. EW’s Fall TV preview hits stands…and all hell breaks loose on Twitter.

Okay, that’s maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but there were some Gladiators who weren’t too happy about the appearance of Scandal‘s Scott Foley on the cover of the aforementioned issue. Why? Because his character, CIA guy Jake Ballard, is the enemy of Olitz (Olivia + Fitz) loyalists everywhere after he romanced The Pope last year.

And, yes, Foley himself is well aware of the backlash. “People threatened not to buy your cover because I was on it,” he recalled last weekend when EW caught up with him at an event celebrating 200 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, on which the actor has guest starred.

But as sympathetic as Foley is to the plight of Olitz fans, he also jumped at the chance to stand up on behalf of Jake. Below is his “defense of Jake,” verbatim.

“It’s very easy. In defense of Jake…Jake was sent to watch Olivia. Now, Jake let his emotions and his feelings for her get in the way of his job to a point; although, he never stopped watching her and never stopped looking out for her, but he also didn’t know the president was in a relationship with her. So there was no betrayal. There was no direct betrayal of Fitz with his relationship. If there was EVER a betrayal, it was when Fitz asked if there was another man. Jake, I think as most men would, said there wasn’t — instead of saying, ‘Yeah, dude, I’m now sleeping with your ex-girlfriend because I didn’t know she was your ex-girlfriend because you didn’t f—ing tell me she was your ex-girlfriend when we started this thing.’ That’s in defense of Jake. Jake’s always been a man who had a task to do and that’s all he’s always done. And can you blame him? Olivia’s a strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent woman. I think any man would fall for her, and if she seems to be available and free and is reciprocating those feelings? That’s my Jake defense.”

An excellent defense, right?…What do you mean, “No”? What?…Stop, Gladiators! I’m only the messenger. Nooooooo!!! [Gets thrown into a hole]

Scandal returns tonight on ABC.

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Fans of “Scandal” have never had a problem sharing their passion over the hit ABC series – for better or worse.

Unfortunately for Scott Foley, the romantic interlude between his character, Capt. Jake Ballard, and Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope in Season 2 hasn’t necessarily brought out the softest side of the “Gladiators,” especially on Twitter.

“I’m a big Olitz fan! I think Fitz and Olivia are a great couple together,” Scott grinned, referencing the name fans have bestowed upon the show’s seminal couple – President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

But while Scott may not want to get in the way of Olivia and Fitz, his character has feelings of his own for Olivia – prompting quite a rush of negative comments from “Scandal” fans.

“I don’t get that!” Kit Hoover told Scott on Monday’s Access Hollywood Live, of the negative Tweets Scott has been inundated with over his “Scandal” character’s efforts to break up “Olitz.” “I love [Jake] with Olivia too! I don’t feel that angst, as a woman – I like it. You’re looking out for her!… I don’t get the haters. It never occurred to me.”

“It didn’t occur to me either until my Twitter account blew up with hate,” Scott laughed.

“Twitter is an interesting beast, isn’t it? The fans are very passionate about this show, specifically about the relationship between Olivia and Fitz and my character has a tendency to get in the way of that love between those two characters,” the actor continued. “Jake is a somewhat of a polarizing character – you either appreciate him or you just want him nowhere on your screen.”

Of course, “Scandal” isn’t the first time Scott has found himself playing a character interjected into a TV three-way – as fans of “Felicity” know as well.

“Every time I find myself in a love triangle, I find myself at the bottom of the geometric shape [looking up]. It doesn’t quite work out well for me,” he said. “But you never know what’s going to happen with this one. I think the story has yet to be written.”

Attempts to interfere in the torrid “Olitz” affair aside, Scott also drew the ire of the “Scandal” faithful over an Emmy night Tweet following Kerry’s loss in the Best Leading Actress category, which he explained to Kit and guest co-host Alfonso Ribeiro.

“So Kerry Washington was nominated – as she should’ve been – for an Emmy and I was really rooting for her. Halfway through the day, I wrote something on Twitter along the lines of ‘Beginning the fingers crossed portion of my day,’ meaning I was really hoping she wins,” Scott explained. “And we all got together – the cast got together at [co-star] Jeff Perry’s house and we watched the Emmys and we were all pulling for her, and when she didn’t win, the air went out of the room. Because we were sure she was going to win. She was the favorite.

“So I Tweeted, ‘Congrats to…wait…oh. Bummer,’” he noted.

“What’s wrong with that?” Kit asked.

“Absolutely nothing! It shows that I was expecting her to win and I was disappointed that she didn’t,” Scott said. “And then Twitter blew up.”

So how does the actor deal with angry social media comments fired in his direction?

“Well I retweet a lot of these things because I feel it’s a public forum. So if you’re going to send it to me, I’m going to show it to my 70,000 followers,” he concluded.

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Did Jake get out of the hole?

“It’s fair to assume that I’m still in the hole,” says Scott Foley, who plays Captain Jake Ballard on “Scandal.” “Since this season literally picks up 20 minutes after the May cliffhanger.”

In case you didn’t see the season finale, Captain Ballard was put in a hole because he disobeyed the orders of his boss at the CIA black ops division — B613 — and risked his life, to protect Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

Since the hole seems to be the show’s version of a time-out chair, we wondered what was going to happen when he finally gets out?

“We are going to learn a lot more about B613 this season,” says Foley. And with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia broken up, Foley says there will be a little more room to explore a love triangle.

“The problem is that fans hate Jake,” Foley says with a laugh. “Jake stands in the way of their fantasy of Olivia and Fitz. They refuse to acknowledge that Fitz is cheating on his wife and that Olivia is his mistress. They truly believe that Fitz and Olivia are in love, that they are the end game. They say nothing is going to get in their way and that Jake is just a distraction.”

Although Ballard showed up in Olivia’s life as a man with a lot of secrets, including spying on her with an impressive array of high-tech surveillance cameras, he has turned out to be a stand-up guy.

He’s a lot like Foley himself. The actor has been on a roller-coaster of fame since his days as a heart throb on “Felicity.” This season Foley has been bumped up to cast regular, a welcome relief for the happily married family man and father of two whose last show, “The Goodwin Games” on Fox, was shut down after just seven episodes.

Cast for “Scandal” after a touching arc as a dying patient without health care on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Shonda Rhimes, who created both hits, called as soon as his Fox show was canceled.

“I have a character in mind for you,” she told Foley, who asked only one thing: the possibility that his character would come back this season.

“To think that I am in another show like ‘Felicity’ that is similarly thrilling and talked-about at the water cooler, I feel so fortunate. Not a lot of actors see that twice in a career.”

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